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Arcade Marketing . Our dream begins in the year of 1986, inaugurating a Marketing agency with a small production workshop, innovating and registering several patents to make samples on paper with beauty products, emulsions, granules and essential oils. In the Year of 1993, we opens a whole new factory in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, taking advantage of the benefits of the border area and the maquila service laws for the USA, and also the proximity to Latin America. Thanks to these benefits, the allied countries, could reduce up to 40% in the price of production. In the year of 1994, we registered our brands, taking as reference galleries full of colors and options, identifying them with our products, applications and services on paper and  films.

Arcade Beauty

Arcade Marketing 3D Beauty technology has had a great boom, being the most innovative in the market, and that in a short time, it will be one of the most used and productive technologies in the world. That’s why, in 2016, we developed the world’s first 3D sampling application press, with several application stations that work at the same time, increasing the speed of production, and for its continuous output, the pieces are stacked on a pallet without worrying about any damage to them. This technology puts us at the forefront in both production and quality. We are pioneers in 3D Beauty technology. Thanks to our collaborators and partners we have achieved a strategic combination of talent that has led us to be the most modern and innovative company in the market.

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