Cosmetics Sampling

Cosmetics 3D Sampling


Cosmetics 3D sampling of Lips, Eye Shadow and Blush, are super thin samples of any size,  design and shape, with the exact amount to test on the skin.

These samples are completely flat,  of the same caliber as the printed brochure  , with  transparent film protection, withstanding all the  pressures of the printing, folding and binding process.

It is the best way to promote  eye shadows, blushes,  powder makeup and lipsticks, individual samples  for a test on your own  skin. The cosmetics samples are  pieces printed on paper, in  any size, design and shape,  you can include the number of shades  you require in the same brochure,  you can also include lipsticks and a  small super thin mirror, a  sponge and an applicator.

Cosmetics sampling are ideal for: Inserts in magazines, brochures and  catalogs, cards, postcards, coupons, direct mail, opaque or transparent stickers, magazines covers, adhesive or decorative labels, books, boxes, special formats, or in sample folders, also, can travel  in flyers, catalogs, magazine covers and pages, adhesive labels, special formats and folder designs with all  its launch tones, and a single pieces.

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