Fragrance Sampling


Fragrance 3D sampling. Your fragrance can be applied to any printed advertising. It is a film that contains  the exact amount to test, liquid fragrance on your skin, just the scent of the fragrance that your are promoting. The Fragrance is applied in micro capsules, so when you opened, you break and release the product in liquid form. It is a  totally flat label and without any problems of packaging. The Fragrance is protected by a transparent film avoiding any previous release, when you opened for the first time, you receive the Fragrance aroma, and you can be joined again and again, so you or another consumer, has the opportunity to repeat the same olfactory experience. It is a new way to try fragrance essences of perfume, soap, toothpaste, skin, deodorant and cleaning or personal care products, and it can be used on different surfaces such as paper, glass  or plastic. 

These samples are ideal for: Inserts in magazines, brochures and  catalogs, cards, postcards, coupons, direct mail, opaque or transparent stickers, magazines covers,  scented or liquid labels, adhesive or decorative labels, books, boxes, special formats, or in sample folders of perfumes.